Manufacturer of the World’s #1 Pre-Injection Pain Reliever

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Iceshot is a personal, portable, and best of all — reusable! — topical dermal numbing product that is perfect for DIABETICS. The unit works quick and effectively as it preps the skin by temporarily numbing and discoloring the injection site area so you can visually see where to inject your insulin.  It also works great for finger pricks and inserting insulin pumps.

Iceshot is accessible to those who self-administer injections as well as for medically trained professionals for use on patients. Iceshot is safe, effective, expedient, and easily used to diminish pain caused by injection.

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Great for Any Injection pre injection skin numbing & pain relief device for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and Crohn’s injections; fertility; vitamis; immunizations; vaccinations; botox; cosmetic; and other injections. Great for bumps, bruises, aches, pains, insect bites, piercings and to reduce swelling. Non-toxic, portable, reusable, multi purpose, great for kids.
• Drug free method used to numb your skin and relieve pain prior to taking any type of injection.
• Used for targeted pain relief of joint, tendon, arthritis and other types of pain. Reduce inflammation.
• Highly effective for insulin, fertility, vitamin, botox, cosmetic, immunization, vaccinations and other types of injections.
• Great for diabetics who take insulin injections and finger pricks for blood testing.
• PERFECT FOR KIDS to sooth bumps, bruises, insect/mosquito bites, splinter extraction, as well as for back-to-school vaccinations.